Type PS/79 and PS/80 Pilots – Manual PS/79 and PS/80 DX anuary Rev TM Type PS/79 and PS/80 Pilots INTRODUCTION. Henderson Rigs & Equipment offers this KOOMEY Accumulator Type 80 5- Station Closing Unit at judicial price. We deal in the sales of drilling rigs and other . Henderson Rigs & Equipment offers this KOOMEY Accumulator Type 80 4- Station Closing Unit at judicial price. We deal in the sales of drilling rigs and other .

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Tuesday, April 18, Condition: Wednesday, December 05, Condition: Not exactly what you want? Sunday, May 01, Condition: You will be requested to do pr -epaid full payment or deposit before we go into production.

Proven lockup feature in each converter provides highly efficient power transmission without normal torque converter efficiency losses after loads have been accelerated. The pump discharge piping includes a Turbine koomeu meter and a magnetic flow meter koommey accurate measurement of flow rate. Monday, June 08, Condition: Monday, October 01, Condition: Each power source serves as back-up.

BOP Remote Control System Koomey Unit

Thursday, June 02, Condition: Mixing pit Mud mixing pump: A bbl trip tank with two 3 x 2 centrifugal pumps. Manual and automated controls will be installed on the unit to allow complete operator control and customized programming for job specific applications and loomey plans. Two 2 Swaco shale shakers. Mast designed with internal clearance to handle up to six unlt 42″ traveling block running flat to board.


Single Parmac VBO brake assist driven through overrunning coupling. The unit systems are detailed as follows: Top Dog House with Substructure 7. Unique design provides load transfer down each gype leg with no eccentricity or offsets. Hydraulic Power Skid Detroit 6. Fast line anti-whip guide installed in folding frame. Five forward speeds and one reverse speed allow full output horsepower to be utilized over an unusually wide range of speeds and loads.

Thursday, July 28, Condition: Before production has been finished, we will contact you for shipment details, and the balance payment.

KOOMEY Accumulator Type 80 4-Station Closing Unit

As the hydraulic oil used, the pressure drops down, when the pressure lowers to a certain value, the blowout typw accumulator unit will renew the hydraulic oil automatically to keep the pressure in a certain high value. Raised in extended length with dual hydraulic rams for greater reliability and control.

Hawk H Wireline Machine: Each triplex pump is unitized with a suction tank and dedicated 8 x 6 x 60 Hp charging pump for maximum efficiency. Carries drawworksokomey and rotary drive. Wednesday, March 29, Condition: Carried in mast during moves.

Mast has capability to accommodate a HP Top Drive. The unit will be equipped to convey and introduce fracturing proppants, dry chemical products, and liquid chemical products to the kkoomey slurry through a well designed and maintainable fluid handling system. Engines are tandem-mounted and totally clear all around for easy access and maintenance.


First we discuss order details, production details by email or TM.

Sunday, June 07, Condition: Friday, April 29, Condition: Thursday, June 15, Condition: China prefab units China access control unit China building maintenance unit.

Tuesday, August 01, Condition: After the flow meters, the pump discharge piping runs to the main hydration tank inlet. Each with a K Hydril pulsation dampeners and 8 x 6 centrifugal charging pumps with suction dampners.

Additionally, a separate skid incorporates 2 each 51 Bbl. Mast is extended and telescoped with trailer tractor. A single joystick controls the disc and Eaton brakes, drawworks clutch and engine throttles as required for hoisting and lowering. Nominal table working torque- 30, ft. Wednesday, November 14, Condition: After you confirm our PI, we will request you to pay.

Ample well head clearance in all directions for large BOP equipment. The discharge manifold will be connected to the main tank outlet and flow to the manifold will be controlled via a hydraulic actuated butterfly valve.

How can I pay you?

Mast has been modified for Top Drive.