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Inyo County, California, United States.

The bubbly calls of Pileated Gibbons feature in this early morning recording from Thailand’s rainforest. A sweetly singing Hermit Thrush Catharus guttatus leads the dawn chorus in the Ochoco Mountain forest.

A morning soundscape from the dry savanna woodlands of central Cape York.

Hitt published a video of the incident online. Heavy snowflakes fall on dry leaves on the floor of a beech forest. Horned Screamer Manu National Park. A close encounter with a group of singing Indri, a type of lemur. The drumming of Great Spotted and Grey-headed Woodpeckers echo in this temperate forest in early spring. Obviously, both of the above mentioned attitudes have values and dangers at the same time. Humpback Virtuoso Silver Bank. Alligator Purrs Okefenokee Swamp, Georgia.

The sounds of a gentle swell from inside a hole in the ice. However, if you have some pieces of furniture, kitchen related-stuff etc.

A journey in ht through the sounds of the Acadian Forest of Nova Scotia. They are surprisingly easy to find once you are in the right location as they call loudly for hours on end. Green Frogs were regular callers from this small pond in southern Indiana, but this was the only time I heard such a chorus from multiple individuals.


Drew’s Famous More Party Music – Drew’s Famous | Similar | AllMusic

At metres altitude on Bolivia’s Mount Chacaltaya, a thunderstorm brings lightning, thunder, snow and hail. Delightful 15 minute recording feauturing the trumpeting of Common Cranes Grus grus echoing across a meadow in the south of Poland. Matinicus Rock, Maine, United States. Rainforest soundscape from a patch of threatened rainforest, and featuring the song of White-handed Gibbons along with hornbills, broadbills, barbets and many other bird species.

Lake Mamori, Lago, Brazil. Mixed flocks of Yellow-faced and White-naped Honeyeaters as well as other bird species moving through the forest on a cool autumn morning. Mesia’s, fulvettas and other birds sing sweetly, and a group of Siamangs a type of gibbon call loudly in the distance. Recording locations included the high Tundra plateau of the Cape Breton Highlands and the hidden wetlands of the Acadian Forest of Canada’s east coast. The calls of Giant Squirrels often start with an explosion of bubbly staccato notes, followed by some excited grunts and sneezes.


Punta Tombo, Chubut Province, Argentina. Iceberg Fragments Bay of Alicehamna, Svalbard. Eubenangee Swamp, Queensland, Australia.

Beskidy Mountains Soundscape Beskidy Mountains. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.

Pre-dawn in Bardia Bardia National Park. The sound of cuckoo and displaying Snipe are also prominent, and a Bittern booms about midway through the recording. Strong winds rumble in hsngjai Atacama Desert, Chile. Ballyfad Wood, Wicklow, Ireland. Tangkoko Morning Tangkoko Nature Reserve. The sounds of tens of thousands of cranes calling, singing and dancing as they arrive at their spring feeding grounds at Lake Hornborga.

Drew’s Famous More Party Music

Black Howler Monkey Palenque, Chiapas. Ruffed Grouse Bonasa umbellus perform extraordinary non-vocal acoustic displays.

In this sample you can hear the fluty calls of Black-hooded Oriole, the chattering of White-crested Laughingthrush and many other species including Lineated Barbet, Blue-bearded Bee-eater and Black Giant Squirrel. Western Banjo Frogs Limnodynastes dorsalis are hangjxi main species calling, with Motorbike Frog Litoria moorei in the background, and an unknown species calling midway through the recording.