The Gracie Combatives course is comprised of 36 lessons covering the core techniques of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. Completion of the lessons and mastery of the. Please indicate if you also have other bjj training. I’m interested in the combatives stuff and just want to hear some opinions. Little Champs (ages ) | Tuesday and Thursday | pm. Jr. Grapplers ( ages ) | Monday and Thursday | pm. Combatives (Beginner Adults) .

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If they do it will have to be way to expensive for most people to afford. SuperSuperRamboJul 25, gracid Sparring is just applying what you’ve drilling into memory. It’s okay though, they were really sneaky with their sweeps that you were never taught They are not meant for sport competition, but they are still the original Gracie techniques as taught by Helio not all of them, 36 of them to be exact.

I dont like how it seems to reccomend training without an instructor. Though right combativea at GB premiun, rookies are not suppous to roll befero 3 or 4 months That is not what they are designed for. Mar 8, Messages: How many have had to quite completely. May 21, Messages: The KJul 24, Aug 30, Messages: Nov 26, Messages: Will BJJ techniques still work for self defense?

SevenSamuraiJul 24, And the sparring is lacking until later of course. I quite like the combatitives program. No one watches a black belt demo a tech and just starts ggacie rep it out flawlessly.


Saying instructionals are detailed enough to learn a technique without an instructor is like saying I could go into my BJJ class, learn the tech from my teacher and just begin repping it out no problem without help.

I suspect that the only reason they can charge so little is that it they will make more money with everything else you vombatives on their site once you get hooked. Against someone who knows BJJ some clmbatives the Combatives work Trap and Rollothers become irrelevant punch block seriesand other still will not work on them at all this version of elevator sweep.


Nov 1, Messages: Teachers walk around the class and answer the constant questions about things that people are having trouble with, or even pointing out the mistakes people are making, after having just seen the tech up close in person.

I doubt that any BJJ instructor is going to have the time or means to make a set nearly as detailed as the Combatives.

They both have different purposes.

You can spar full speed and power and see if it works. I think the studen has to has at least the most basic concepts down before starting to roll, such as what is a guard GC seems like it would be good for girlfriends or kids to comfortably learn some basics in a home environment, but would be rather useless as a supplement to real training. That being said I agree with many that it would be very difficult to learn on your own from the beginning without a good instructor.


I always ask questions about techniques I’ve “learned” from video when I get the chance to in class.

Schedule|Pricing – Gracie Jiu-Jitsu

In my experience you are gracue exposed to too many techniques in too short a period to really learn much or build any reflexes. There is no time for that in class usually.

In my opinion most BJJ instructionals are not detailed enough to allow you to learn very effectively at home without an experienced coach to guide you. Share This Page Tweet. I was like, ok I love the sparring.

This makes the set very large by necessity 13 DVDs to cover 36 lessons. If you knew the basics and were comfortable on the ground by drilling techniques and fight simulation coombatives for hrs before competing for sparring you would be much less like to injure yourself. I think it is an excellent addition to a white belts arsenal.

Obviously the other comnatives of this is that since you do not spar until later in the game you are not learning as quickly maybe this is partially balanced by time out for injuries?