It does not swallow energy like raw MDF. The four-inch Fostex FEEZ is an amazing driver. Not as directive as the bigger siblings, it has marvelous midrange . : Fostex FEEZ ‘Sigma’ – 4″ full range driver with paper cone and ferrite magnet. Fostex FEEZ Sigma Diametermm. Fibre Cone Full Range Features include a unique Hyperbolic Paraboloid shell diaphragm, UDR taniential edge.

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It would be great to see some “for free” Vivace drawings on the internet, so all the homebrewing people could be able to make a copy. At this time we have three models using similar loading: I also noted that my driver is mounted on a suspended fosetx whereas others seem to be mounted directly to the front baffle.

Jekyll thing to horns and resonant enclosures. Mon Dec 31, 2: There was no bass or treble.

Hello, I am the fe108fz of the Vivace. Not as directive as the bigger siblings, it has marvelous midrange, a nice top end and gives credible acoustic bass, which is kind of spectacular considering the small 2. The Concerti pair you have is wired with a special cable made out of single-strand copper, silver and gold conductors courtesy of Jean-Pierre and his friends from 6 Sons Audio.

A few years ago I spent some time running simulations of the dostex based on my reverse engineering of it from info I found on the Internet. We also work with other players, namely from the Montreal Audiophile Association, a very active bunch of guys who love to test new ideas and foshex just for the fun of discovering things good and bad.

This review page is supported in part by the sponsor whose ad is displayed above. Every color you can think of is available. Each and every pair of the Concerti is built by hand. There was no adverse effect on the sound and the ring is still offered as an option. So for the same rigidity, it can be made with thinner material.


I listened casually over a couple of hours and then suddenly, somehow, those aforementioned colorations didn’t offend as much. There’s a lot of tweaking that will be done to extract the maximum transparency that the driver can achieve and I anxiously await your review for further tweaking suggestions. Sure, the lack of extension at both ends of the spectrum plus judicious coloration levels are caveats – to some even fatal flaws.

A creased piece of paper is more rigid than a straight piece of paper. I had wondered if they had gone out of business or moved on to a different style of design. Playing with resonant enclosures is like dealing with the devil. There is a Mr.

My speaker design career started in a destructive way. In order to get some bass output, the Sigma as well as all Sigma models and most Fostex drivers in general needs to be loaded by a horn enclosure. I’m not a cabinet maker. Premier three-tier, filled with sand Powerline conditioning: That was the hardest part. Using a critically damped design meaning a box with a larger volume of air than what would be required for a max-flat alignment gave us just enough volume to fit the driver and amplifier in a one cubic foot box and still get in-room extension to 15Hz with no boominess, just ultra fast transients.

Thu Jun 11, They are CNC machined out of machine-grade MDF sheets and heat-pressed with heat-activated urethane glue to form a solid block. Since Gemme Audio is a relatively new entry onto the audio scene, the company’s Robert Gaboury provided me with plenty of background material.

I’m just wondering about the significance of that. It also means that you can “hear walls” on well-recorded live music. The FirstHorn model has been dicontinued a while ago and this design was the basis of the VFlex. Speaking of contradictions, the same reverse psychology took place when I designed the Basso the bass cabinet companion of the Concerti. If someone requests a water buffalo wrapped enclosure as someone did ask forwe get our maroquinnier on the assignment.


Fostex FE108EZ ‘Sigma’

I found a couple of pictures in a 6moons review which gave me the layout of the interior of the enclosure so I stated with that and reverse engineered the design using the outside dimensions of the cabinet and assumed material thicknesses. It was a difficult birth.

Now that was interesting: So the corporate focus is working with clients once they’ve decided that the sound we offer suits them – to get exactly the right product variations. Why the shape and patterns on the cone, dust cap and surrounds? I would expect high distortion.

Fs108ez Kramme, I think this link might help with your questions.

DIY Audio Projects Forum • Fostex FEEZ Gemme Audio Vivace Speakers

We are constantly fiddling with the design of the Concerti. That’s why the new base-level Concerti doesn’t have the ring. The product core is where we want it ce108ez be but the details are still being worked on. All Gemme Audio clients are unique. We changed woodworking shops three times before finding the right CNC shop to cut the parts, the right craftsman to assemble the parts, the right paint shop to get perfect finish, the right machine shop to machine steel and brass and aluminum parts, the right finisher for chrome and zinc plating and buffing.

Blind people never hit walls. We are also working on advanced composite construction using MDF, steel panels and leather. The basic Concerti design evolved since the time you had your review pair and it will continue to evolve.