SAFETY DATA SHEET. 1. Identification. Product identifier: DIMETHYLFORMAMIDE. Other means of identification. Product No.: , . View or download the N,N-Dimethylformamide MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) or SDS for from Merck. Print Date 05/08/ SECTION 1. PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION. Product name.: N,N-Dimethylformamide. MSDS Number.

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Inorganic and organic based residual fluxes are highly soluble in DMF; therefore this solvent is used as a cleaner, for instance to clean hot-dip tinned parts. On a laboratory scale any thermal runaway is usually quickly noticed and brought under control with an ice bath and this remains a popular combination of reagents.

The pharmaceutical industry uses DMF as a reaction and crystallization solvent because of its exceptional solvency parameters. Retrieved from ” https: As for most amidesthe spectroscopic evidence indicates partial double bond character for the C-N and C-O bonds.

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DMF is used in the production of acrylic fibers and plastics. The solvent properties of DMF are particularly attractive because of dimethylfkrmamide high dielectric constant, the aprotic nature of the solvent, its wide liquid range and low volatility. Authorized Distributors Please select a region and country for a list of authorized distributors.


Product Availability Check with dimethyltormamide Sales Office to determine exact availability by dimethylfodmamide. Commonly abbreviated as DMF although this initialism is sometimes used for dimethylfuranor dimethyl fumaratethis colourless liquid is miscible with water and the majority of organic liquids. Lethal dose or concentration LDLC:. The primary use dimethyltormamide DMF is as a solvent with low evaporation rate.

The high solubility of polyacrylonitrile in DMF, together with the good miscibility of DMF in water makes DMF the preferred solvent for the production of acrylic fibers.

You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. In the petrochemical industry DMF is used for the purification of acetylene from ethylene and butadiene from C4 streams.


Those aliphatics are used in lube oils. DMF undergoes decarbonylation near its boiling point to give dimethylamine. Due to the high solubility of SO 2 in DMF, exhaust combustion streams from high sulfur containing fuels can be purified with CO 2 being recovered. NN -Dimethylformamide [2]. DMF was first prepared in by the French chemist Albert Verley 8 January — 27 Novemberby distilling a mixture of dimethylamine hydrochloride and potassium formate.

It facilitates reactions that follow polar mechanisms, such as S N 2 reactions. DMF is also used in epoxy based formulations.


Dimethylformamide – Wikipedia

Also the spinning of polyurethane based elastomers is performed from DMF based solutions. The product is known as a universal solvent.

Hepatotoxins Formamides Amide solvents. DMF is hydrolyzed by strong acids and bases, especially at elevated temperatures. It is frequently used for chemical reactions and other applications, which require a high solvency power.

DMF is miscible with water. Return to previous page. LD 50 median dose. Although currently impractical, DMF can be prepared from supercritical carbon dimefhylformamide using ruthenium -based catalysts. Product Description Dimethylformamide DMF is a clear, colorless, hygroscopic liquid with a slight amine odor. Refractive index n D. HHHHH It is also used as a solvent in peptide coupling for pharmaceuticals, in the development and production of pesticidesand in the manufacture of adhesivessynthetic leathersfibers, films, and surface coatings.

DMF is prepared by combining methyl formate and dimethylamine or dimethylfomramide reaction of dimethylamine with carbon monoxide. Chemical synthesis using supercritical fluids.

Annals of Internal Medicine. Spectral Database for Organic Compounds.