Short Title and Commencement: (1) This Act may be called the Code of Criminal. Procedure, ; and it shall come into force on the first day. Preface Among the procedural law the Code of Criminal Procedure is very important. The Code was come into force in first July, The Code was enacted. Our legal system’s law of crime is mainly contained in the Code of Criminal Procedure, which provides the machinery for the detection of crime.

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To arrest without warrant a fairly known individual long after the taking place of the incident calls for explanation.

Code of Criminal Procedure Complete Act – Citation – Bare Act | LegalCrystal

Appeals from convictions in contempt cases. Saving as to sections and Provisions of this chapter generally applicable to summonses and warrants of arrest: Procedure when service cannot be effected as before provided.

Power of chartered High Court Division to make rules for inspection of records of subordinate Courts. Diary of proceedings in investigation.

First sub-clause is relevant as follows: Conviction on admission of truth of accusation.

Law and Justice Commission of Pakistan

Crp cannot be laid down as a proposition of law that all confessions recorded either before or after Court hours are perse bad. Special Executive and Judicial Magistrates.

There was sufficient publication of the order. In strict and proper sense a Code is compilation not of just existing statutes, but also of much of the unwritten law like customs, judicial decisions etc. Where an arrest is made by police without a warrant from a Magistrate under Sectionit does not mean that the provisions of Section do not apply. Act 8 ofSection 2 and Schedule, item Security for good behaviour from persons disseminating seditious matter.


The State-Violate on of the mandatory requirements of Section in recording the individual statements of the accused either in their language or in words as nearly as expressed by 1889 is not curable by section Investigation into non-cognizable cases. Failure by Magistrate to consider the affidavits filed vitiates his order.

Examination of Sections 54 & of the Code of Criminal Procedure – PKLJC 49

Confirmation of new sentence to be signed by two Judges. Magistrate tried by the Magistrate. Procedure by police upon seizure of property taken under section 51 or stolen. Executive and Judicial Magistrates.

The distinctions between regular and summarily trial is stated as under, Regular Trial Subject Matter Summary Trial A trial is the examination of As to definition Summary trial means short a case, civil or criminal, trials avoiding the xrpc before a judge or Magistrate lengthy procedure.

When officer-in-charge of police station may require another to issue search-warrant. Mere ccrpc of an isolated or stealthy act of possession cannot constitute actual possession in the eye of law. Appeal in case of acquittal. When bail may be taken in case of non-bailable offence.

Sections enunciated As to the sections postulating Sections enunciated the procedures of regular the procedure the procedure relating to trial. Being a thug or belonging to a gang of dacoits, escape from custody, etc. The police-officer or other person executing a warrant of arrest shall subject to the provisions of Section 76 as to securitywithout unnecessary delay bring the person arrested before the Court before which he is required by law to produce such person.


A Magistrate can pass ancillary orders regarding the custody of the attached property but he should not evade the provisions of Cr. Aid to person, other than police officer, executing warrant: Offences under Penal Code.

Security for unexpired period of ctpc. AIR Tri 1. The police-officer or other person executing a warrant of arrest shall notify the substance thereof to the person to be arrested, and, if so required, shall show him the warrant.

It is not the duty of the High Court to find for itself whether the publication contained any such matters whatsoever. Code is only consequential to the substantive law laid down in Section A, Penal Code. A general, order alone was feasible when the movement is organised by Samyukta Socialist Party and the Communist Party of India. Procedure on failure 18898 appoint jury or omission to return verdict: