al alumno para sacar la mejor plaza en una sola convocatoria. Si sigues el método y .. Los exámenes de y , contenían 30 preguntas vinculadas a. el Jue Mayo 19, pm. Gracias TOMMYK por la explicacion!! Very Happy Another reason I was called attention is is LACK OF CONCENTRATION!. Acreditación institucional – Proceso de reacreditación institucional. Av . Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins , Santiago de Chile, Casa Central.

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But if the Chart is flatlining or even worse, creeping down, then there is a problem. Or you could punish yourself if you miss key questions However, I like the positive reinforcement method better.

Información para médicos extranjeros – Universidad de Chile

I would even read aloud when alone. KNOW cold the concepts. Know if you have a handicap. The difference is barely noticeable in everyday life because you have only small things to commit to memory like a phone number, street address, etc. Weird, but if you really think about it, makes connvocatoria good sense!

Medicina Genómica: Enlaces (en inglés) sobre Genética y Medicina Genómica

Find out what materials “activate” this glue! I see the Step 1 as conbocatoria a test of recall. BUT, if someone did something extreme like slap you in the face after a wrong answer, you will remember better. You will be often surprised at how fast the information leaves. It is like if you are hypokalemic.


For example, when you are asked to pick the correct drug therapy, all the answer choices “could be correct”. Sincerely, Your friend, Tommyk.

Then later it is 3. That is why the test is so maddening! Different people have different strengths. You can do it. We are all climbing Mt. To 22011 beloved Family of future doctors, In response to readers, I write to please tailor your study habits to your personal strengths. Again, accept that there IS a difference between the convocatoia that people memorize.

If you are not lucky, you may collapse well before the finish line on mile 7 or so from exhaustion.

This Step 1 is convocaforia much like a That is actually the truth! Chart how you are progressing! But after you study for a day, you must ask yourself not just “How many hours did I study?

Información para médicos extranjeros

However, you may be better studying alone. Or maybe you study well in a coffee shop. If I ask your birthday, couldn’t you tell me in a flash??? It may be that you cannot retain well enough and thus need more strategies. It is a bizarre test. Yet another suggestion for those struggling When I ask, “What is the mech.

Procesos Extraordinarios para los que quedamos muy cerca de la meta Doing this exercise will help diagnose the problem. If so, you ARE improving, and it is just a matter of time before you get that magical “pass” on your score report!

Hay que cambiarnos hasta el modo de pensar para poder estudiar correctamente. If you have to, drink lots of coffee or tea.


Ultimately, the point I want to emphasize is that I think a determined medical student can eventually pass the Step 1. But there are failures all around. Only YOU can find this out. But know that you can overcome it. Do so in individual sessions weekly or more often. Good distractors are there for a reason! The short sprint is like everyday life. Use that strategy in your studies.

It does not help with thousands of concepts.

I studied with a group of people and asked questions to others in the group. Know how long you personally need to study overall and how many hours per day. While that may be part of the problem, you must examine why you are not retaining.

As long as you do not have a dementia-type illness or another brain lesion, you should be able to “recall”. The difference is that some people do indeed memorize faster than others. It is a closely guarded secret that medical schools love to protect. Even if you are running against an Olympic champion, you will be some meters behind at the finish line.