Conversational Solfege Level 2 Teacher’s Edition is a progressive general music program designed for first-through-eighth grades. This program, by John M. Conversational Solfege Level 1 Teacher Edition, by John Feierabend, is a 3-ring binder filled with pages of teaching techniques with song and rhyme. Based on models used to teach conversational foreign languages, Conversational Solfege develops an understanding of music through the use of rhythm.

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Conversational Solfege

Viewing 11 posts – 1 through 11 of 11 total. Description Reviews 0 Description. I have a few questions: When you are done with the first unit containing 6 songs and a listening selection do you do another 6 songs from unit one or do you move on to unit two? I went to a John M. You can adjust all of your cookie settings by navigating the tabs on the left hand side. Additional Resources These supplementary resources are designed to compliment the Conversational Solfege curriculum and will help to reinforce learning and retention Learn more.

Conversational Solfege, Level 3 – Student Book. I would highly recommend you take a class with Feierabend. Music education begins with literature and an “ear-before-eye” philosophy.

I am done with level one and am starting level 2. Conversational Solfege John M. Central to the Conversational Solfege program is the use of music harvested from our rich and diverse American musical history. Conversational Solfege, Level 2 – Teacher’s Edition.


Each book contains varied song material so the teacher can select appropriate music for the lower grades or older beginners. Here is the link thru GIA Music http: About how many classes do you spend on each unit?

Conversational [email protected] Beginning Music Literacy

It is used best in conjunction with the Student Reading Books itemCD and Flash Cards itemall available separately. With the Conversational Solfege approach, music literacy starts with great literature and an “ear-before-eye” philosophy that vonversational with the National Standards. These supplementary resources are designed to compliment the Conversational Solfege curriculum and will help to reinforce learning and retention Learn more.

I am in Kansas, so I suspect an solege would be out of the question! Rhythm cards and Tone cards Appendix 4: Hover to zoom Click to enlarge.

This method leads students through 12 steps leading to creative and expressive musicians. March 21, at 2: My email is dtidwell at gckschools dot com if you want to email me.

As far a the lessons, I pick and choose techniques based on what I am confortable with and the students can do.

I am also a Kansas teacher and our district cnversational just adopted CS as the elementary curriculum. Three eighth notes; dotted quarter note Unit 3: Conversational Solfege, Level 1 – Student Book. This program, by John M.


Sequence of Rhythm and Tonal Patterns Contents: This series is a complete, innovative approach to teaching soltege that will stay fresh year after year.

The length depends on the unit.

Conversational Solfege, Level 1 (Teacher’s Manual) | West Music

NAfME uses cookies to give users the best experience on our website. Newly published by GIA! Conversational Solfege is a dynamic and captivating second-through-eighth grade general music program that enables students to become independent musical thinkers with the help of a rich variety of folk and classical music. Would it be appropriate to do continue to review level one stuff while I am working in level 2?

Conversational Solfege, Level 2 (Teacher’s Manual)

One goal of the Conversational Solfege program is the implementation of music from America’s diverse history. Feierabend said to work on CS about 10 minutes per class.

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Student writing sheets are provided with permission to duplicate.