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Chirality and optical activity: The teacher is available for individual colloquium, please write an email to make a reservation.

Facoltà di Scienze Agrarie e Alimentari – Foreign students

Genetic mutations Cell division: Expression and biological functions of the genome. Integrated study of cells and living organisms, with emphasis on the basic mechanisms involved in the following processes: Target Exchange students Prospective students Visiting scholars. It is important to use the most recent edition of each textbook. Program of Organic chemistry pdf version. In addition, the student will understand the meaning of key metabolic pathways chmiica different physiological and pathological contexts.

Simple, fractional and vacuum distillation techniques. This course will describe structure, phisico-chemical properties and reactivity of the main classes of organic compounds, with particular emphasis for those important in food.

Radical and ionic reactions. General chemistry and physical chemistry exam is highly recommended. Liquid-liquid extraction, anhydrification, reduced pressure evaporation. Main solvents in organic chemistry. Introduzione alla Biochimica di Lehninger — D. The examination consists of a written and an oral proof. Structure, nomenclature, natural occurrence, physical properties, reactivity, and synthesis of the following compound classes: Structural and functional organization of eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells.


Constitutional isomerism and stereoisomerism. The course aims to provide a preparation of general chemistry, organic and inorganic, and biochemistry for an adequate understanding of the structure and function of biological molecules and the meaning of the main metabolic events.

Students will learn a general knowledge on the molecular basis of life, from the fundamental chemical properties of the substances, the structure and function of macromolecules, both at the cellular and extracellular level, the metabolic transformations of biomolecules required by the human body function. Biochemistry and clinical implications. Column and thin layer chromatography.

Understanding of chemical formulas; knowledge of functional groups; properties and reactivity of organic compounds; importance of organic compounds in food; fundamental operations in manipulations of organic compounds. Comparto 10, edicio C, piano -1, stanza Phone: The reactivity of enolate anions in aldol, Claisen and Dieckman condensations will be also discussed together with some examples of such reactions in biological processes.

In parallel to this theoretical part, a series of exercises will be presented and solved during separate tutoring lectures aiming at applying the concepts learnt and to provide a constructivist approach to learning organic chemistry.

Conformational analysis of linear and cyclic alkanes.


Chimica generale, Chimica organica, Propedeutica biochimica — K. Torre Biologica, Torre Sud, quarto piano. Arrangements for academic guidance Learning services and facilities Part-time employment for students Language courses Facilities for special needs students Certification of disabilities Sport facilities Insurance Financial support for students Students associations. Irganica, melting point detemination. Who will pass both the intermediate proofs can directly access the oral examination.


Elements of General Chemistry, both inorganic bgown organic. Examination consists in a written test; the student will solve problems similar to those proposed during exercitations and answer to theoretical questions. Legal Notes Privacy Access statistics. Home Information on degree programmes. Organic chemistry at university level.

bdown Legal Notes Privacy Access statistics. Intermolecular forces in organic compounds and their relationship with physical properties. Focus will be pointed on the interconnections between the fields of organic chemistry and biomedical disciplines. The structural, conformational and reactivity properties of the most important classes of biological relevant molecules, i.

Hydrated, acetals and ketals. The limits of the Mendelian model.


Monomolecular and bimolecular elimination reactions. Objective of the course is to give basic information on theoretical and experimental aspects of organic chemistry, in particular for classes of compounds important in food sciences and technologies.

Thermodynamic and kinetic control of organic reactions.