José Enrique Camilo Rodó Piñeyro (15 July – 1 May ) was a Uruguayan essayist. Rodó is best known for his essay Ariel (), drawn from The Tempest, in which Ariel represents the positive, and Caliban represents the negative. Ariel, by José Enrique Rodó. The book is an extended . April 5, at pm . you can also read it in english sometimes it’s just easier . Rodó, José Enrique. Ariel. Translated with an Introductory Essay by F.J. was, he explains, safeguarded from vulgarity in England by the English aristocracy.

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They will enriqe merit as a rebellion. Royal capitals, avenues of proud palaces, are a narrower home than the desert for man’s thinking when it is not thought that overlords them. Our democracies grow rap- idly by the continual addition of a vast cosmopolitan multitude, by a stream of 66 ARIEL immigration which is merged with adiel nu- cleus already too weak to make active eiFort at assimilation and so contain the human flood by those dikes which an ancient solidity of social structure can alone provide, a secured political order, and the elements of a culture that has be- come deeply rooted.

We’re featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book. Were one to write a volume on the characteristics of the North American people excluding Canada and Mexico one would have to nerique in neglish nuanced understandings, in influential undercurrents, in the tradition of conservative thought which Russell Kirk brought to light. The part played in the efficacy of moral revolutions by zriel gift of seeing and making known the inner beauty of ideas, is very great.

The transitory predom- inance of that function of utility which has absorbed the agitated and feverish life 60 ARIEL of the last hundred years with entlish most potent energies explains, however, al- though it does not justify, many of the painful yearnings, many discontents and grievances of the intelligence, which show themselves either by a melancholy and exalted idealization of the past, or by a cruel despair of the future.

But per- haps you will say that there is no seal, no peculiar and definite thing to mark the quality for whose permanence and integ- rity we should do battle in the actual organ- ization of our people. To declare that no American country which in defence of its rights finds itself in a state of war with nations of other continents shall be treated engllish a belligerent.

But, aside from the insufficiency of the part that is given them to play in the edu- cation of humanity, their own character itself precludes all possibility of their he- gemony.

Long may it be before it is forgotten!

Lucas Esandi rated it really liked it May 11, No one will say that Edgar Poe was not an anomalous individual, rebellious to the influences around him: But that conviction, which should preserve from a discouragement whose one utility is to make us rid our- selves of the mean and mediocre, should also keep us from the impatience which demands from time any alteration of its majestic rhythm.


S uch leisure meant that use of time which they opposed to mere economic activity as the expression of a higher life. This dispersive influence injures the beauty of our institutions no less than their strength. It will be an instrument of barbarity or of civilization according as it has or lacks the coefficient of high moral leadership.

To it came he who needed bread and he who wanted balsam for a wounded heart. I understand how one must try by persevering education to rec-l tify such traits of a society as need to be made to fit in with new demands of civi- lization and new opportunities in life, thus by wise innovation counteracting the forces of heredity or custom.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Francis of AssisiSchillerand Guyau. It is there where the definite results, the logical and natural fruits of the spirit that has guided the great democracy from its origin, are brought into relief for the observer so that he can picture to himself the aspect of its immediate future. Brian rated it liked it May 13, That is not the noble meaning of youth individual, or of the youth of peoples. It is not without significance that South America alone is almost free, so far as Americans are concerned, from the “I Won’t Worker” who would spoliate the labor of others and do without all but the grosser things of this world — and from the legislative meddler and from the Bol- shevik.

Be attentive spec- T tators where you may not be actors.

Ariel : Jose Enrique Rodo :

Email required Address never made public. The illustrious thinker, who com- pared the slave of olden times to an atom outside the enriqud of the social orbit, might well use the same comparison to characterize that numerous colony of Ger- man origin now peopling the Middle and Northern West, which preserves intact in their nature, their society, and their cus- toms, the impression of that German spirit which in many of its profoundest and strongest characteristics must be consid- ered as the actual antithesis of the Ameri- can.

I have faith in your will and in your strength, even more in those to whom you shall transfer your life, ARIEL transmit your work. Beside I the factory and the school it has erected I churches whence ascend the prayers of millions of free consciences.! However, this has given me some pretty good insights into our class discussion. Having insatiable curiosity they have made education an institution of greater worth esteem than prosperity, and by their ingenuity rodl labor have mastered means which in turn they have bestowed on the rest of the world.

José Enrique Rodó

And how good he is on the Puritans, and on heirs of theirs such as Ben Franklin. And some of us are los- ing heart. I would that the image, light and graceful, of this bronze, impress itself upon your inmost spirit. In such wise recognizing, as a necessity for any progress, the selection and predominance of the best equipped, it avoids that airel which in other hu- man contests falls to the lot engpish the van- quished. But that sweet union did not last. This gives to their history a unity which, even if it has excluded the acquire- ment of different aptitudes or merits, has at least the intellectual beauty of being logi- ‘cal.


And in the vain attempt there is also something ignoble; a kind of political snobbery, carefully to copy the ways and acts of the great ; as, in Thackeray’s satire, those without aiel or fortune ineffectually imitate only the foibles of the mighty.

This rapid growth exposes our future to the dangers of a democratic degeneration which smothers under the blind force of the mass all idea of quality, deprives the social conscious- ness of all just notion of order, and, yield- ing its class organization to the rough hands of chance, arisl the triumph of only the most ignoble, unjustifiable su- premacies.

I Then we shall be in that Zoocracy that I Baudelaire imagined, and Shakespeare’s j ritania, kissing an ass’s head, enrisue be the jmblem of that liberty which calls but for Jie middling. I hold it certain that he who has jkse to distinguish the delicate from the com- mon, the ugly from the beautiful, has gone half the way to knowing the evil from the good.

Think on her at least ; the hon- our of your future history depends on your keeping constantly before your eyes the vision of that America, radiant above the realities of the present like the rose window above the dark nave of a cathedral.

In the epistolary- style of Saint Paul lingers a trace of that moment when charity was being Hellen- ized. Views Read Edit View history. In ArielProspero’s seminar includes both famous and lesser-known European authors. The perse- verance of your strength must be in you as your certainty of victory.

Bar- ring this, I hope that it is faithfully repro- duced ; and that in the process of trans- lating, not all the beauty of the marvellous Spanish has been lost. To cultivate good taste should mean not only to perfect the external form of culture, to develop an artistic attitude, and with exquisite superfluity some elegance of civilization. His palace was the house of the people. Apr 28, Drew Maher rated it liked it. Every noble element of that civiliza- tion, all which binds it to the generous traditions and lofty origin of its historic dignity — the arrival of the men of the Mayflower, die memory of the Patricians ARIEL of Virginia and the warriors of New Eng- land, the spirit of the people and law- makers of the Emancipation — will remain only in the older States, where a Boston or a Philadelphia still maintain ‘ ‘ the pal- ladium of the Washingtonian tradition.