Recently I wanted to change Excel’s ActivePrinter using VBA. That isn’t as straightforward as I expected it to be. In particular there is a. There’s a property of the Application object called ActivePrinter. Add a new VBA Module to workbook and paste the code below into it. Is there a way of creating a list of Active Printers on a users computer for the user to select to be used in the PrintOut method i.e. I am bypassing.

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Recent comments cbd clinic products on Excel and XML: Probably it actibeprinter be: Sounds a little bit better. Dialogs xlDialogPrinterSetup and ask the user to select the printer.

Has made maintaining a bit of code here much simpler. August 05, ‘ Authoer: Add a new VBA Module to workbook and paste the code below into it.

Changing the active printer in a macro Alright, I tried the full string, and just the printer name, and the port. At startup Excel will set Application.

excel vba alternate active printer – Stack Overflow

Return to top of page. This is the code to test the function: This page describes how to list available printers in VBA. All times are GMT Changing the active printer in a macro Leith Ross – When you said I needed the printer name and port, I accessed the devices and printers instead of running the macro, and when I fba on USB, it stood to reason that that was the port.


You can change the ActivePrinter property of the Application object to set a new default printer.

How to set Excel’s ActivePrinter using VBA? •

We may share certain information about our users with our advertising and analytics partners. Hello andy, You will need a little more information to set gba ActivePrinter.

Please post data in proper tables – I suggest this tool. Changing the active printer in a macro Probably it would be: ActivePrinter in the immediate window and got as reply: I expected that this would do it: Results 1 to 10 of You can then loop through the list with code like:.

I have a macro that I use to change the fill bva of cells, hide and unhide columns, and print 1 copy of each worksheet in the file.

Application.ActivePrinter property (Excel)

Comments Lewis Metzger says: Please use [code] tags when posting code. ActivePrinter ‘ do something with the temp printer Application. Replacing USB with that solved the issue. This will display a list of printers and faxes for the local computer.


Changing the active printer in a macro. Note that setting the ActivePrinter ‘ changes the default printer for Excel but does not change ‘ the Windows default printer. You may have to register before you can post: Changing the active printer in a macro Hello Andy, You’re welcome. Cite this page as: To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below.


The problem I typed? Changing the active printer in a macro The port used is USB E-mail acyiveprinter to new posts? Any ideas would be appreciated All contents Copyright by MrExcel Publishing.

So activeprunter code not such universal. Thanks very much for this!

Does it need a particular library? I almost decided to hard code the string for the above mentioned languages when I realized that the solution is already there. I have 32 bit Windows API code that gets the device names and works well locally, but needs additional vva for network printers. Please use the RSS Posts button above or click here. We process personal data about users of our site, through the use of cookies and other technologies, to deliver our services, personalize advertising, and to analyze site activity.

Remember to make a copy of your spreadsheet before running any macros that might change the data – macros can’t be undone! Resources saved on this page: You need to know the printer’s name and the port it uses. Glad you have everything working sctiveprinter. Share it with others Like this thread? Changing the active printer in a macro There’s a property of the Application object called ActivePrinter.