Wampeters, Foma & Granfalloons is a rare opportunity to experience Kurt Vonnegut speaking in his own voice about his own life, his views of. Wampeters, Foma and Granfalloons by Kurt Vonnegut Jr – book cover, description, publication history. Wampeters, Foma & Granfalloons by Kurt Vonnegut, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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It was written about and commented on by the talking heads of the day. His report on biafra is a heartbreaking chronicle of a country that has already been forgotten. The Interviews with his commentary near the end of the book, plus his irreverent speeches before August bodies of Important People, truly show us the raw, honest Vonnegut at his Best I watched old detective shows that would normally keep my mind occupied and soothe my anxieties.

Vonnegut expounds on his idea that we are made of nothing more than chemicals that make us yearn for community. This review will contain a lot of excerpts, because I can think of no better way to vranfalloons any of you uninitiated in to just how wonderfully this man writes. The inclusion of several public speeches and throwaway shavings detract from the urgency somewhat, but the Playboy interview ends the collection on a marvellously lucid note.

I found this so fascinating.

Vonnegut’s interview for the Playboy magazine. One of Vonnegut’s rhetorical strategies is to kury himself as isolated in one of his different regional and class aspects when A little of this goes a long way. The Biafrans paid a great humanitarian price by ceding a great deal of territory to the Nigerians and employing this war strategy.

His take on our government then and since is simply chilling.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Wampeters — An object around which the lives of otherwise unrelated people revolve, e. Among the brilliance here includes his take on SF as a literary art, his ornery take on the moon landing and a lov This collection of nonfiction demonstrates amply why so many people fall headlong in love with Vonnegut—all aspects of his cranky humanity, his unimpeachable morality, his hard-won cynicism are on show over these twenty-five pieces.


A Memoir by Tara WestoverHardcover How did Americans beat the Kirt Depression? I received the call late on a Saturday night. I got an autographed blank check too. If we go backward, we die. Vonengut Selling in Nonfiction See all. Nobody else could talk about “crying” for Biafra by leaning his head over his desk and making several short, sharp barking sounds. Taken together, the words form as good an umbrella as any for this collection of essays, book reviews and speeches written over the years by Vonnegut.

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Wampeters, Foma and Granfalloons (Opinions) by Kurt Vonnegut (, Hardcover) | eBay

The novel reflects a uniquely blended critique of both religion and science. A must-read for ALL Vonnegut fans.

Here Vonnegut talks off the cuff about the importance of family and community, war, the Presidential Election, and his writing. Trivia About Wampeters, Foma a Seems we can never all get together. That purposeful generalization, easy to fall in-line with, easy to end debate and feel good with one’s self, is kjrt irresponsible to me. I don’t find myself disagreeing, really, in any way with the positions Vonnegut takes – so why my distaste?

We don’t have enough friends or relatives anymore. Reading keeps you young. Reading Vonnegut is like making your way through a literary funhouse — you don’t really know where you’re going and the rules, if any, are completely unknown to you. I rather enjoyed the experience of reading it, particularly the interviews and speeches.

Wampeters, Foma and Granfalloons

What interesting other kinds of sitting-up mud I met! The Nigeria-Biafra War was arguably the first fully televised conflict in history. He wampetees close to joining the Naval Academy, but then instead moved to New York in his early 20s to become an accountant. I will go to heaven now. Unca Kurt knew full well in something that whatever it was we were designing our society for, it wasn’t each other, let alone ourselves. So we go forward. Science, by contrast, with the hubristic pursuit for technological advancement, has a track record of grave human consequences—the expression of which we can find in such catastrophes wammpeters, say, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and other such nuclear disasters.


Vonnegut recalls that he is categorized as a science fiction author simply because some of his stories feature technology. Army and serving in World War II. Though he is Ivy League educated Cornell, and then some graduate studies at Vonngeutthe son and grandson of architects, and lived most of his life in New York among the creme de la creme of the American intelligentsia, Vonnegut often trots out this naive Midwestern “Hoosier” personality to give his political observations populist weight and to serve as an excuse for not delving into technocratic grahfalloons of large-scale diplomatic issues – nuclear weapons, genocide, etc.

This page was last edited on 9 Novemberat Taken together, the words form as good an umbrella as any for this collection of some of the reviews and essays I’ve written, a few of wampetrs speeches I made. Wamperers Italiano Edit links. Like most such oollections, uneven, but worth reading for the Playboy Interview, an article about his visit to Biafra probably not a good idea for himand his views on the Vietnam war. I granfallloons imagine him reading his books out loud into my mind’s ear, and always heard a merry twinkle and giggle in that Odds ‘n sods that have dated far less than I imagined they would have.

I really liked the story “Fortitude” because it was a story about the evils of technology at least, that’s how I read it and how people succumb to it without realizing that it’s happening. And we would if we lived in real communities.