Volume Two of the series—The Clubbell Training Black Book—deals specifically with Clubbell. 4×7 programs. Weʼve crammed it full of 10 months worth of. Download Clubbell Training Black Book. Description. Download Clubbell Training Black Book Free in pdf format. Sponsored Ads. Shop Now. Ads by Amazon. The Big Book of Clubbell Training (PDF)- Please Note: The Big Book of Clubbell Training is Available Only in a PDF (digital) format! Throughout world history the.

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Clubbell Training Black Book

That review is a year old, too. You use a rubber mallet because you want to impart less force than a steel hammer. Easiest to carry on ;- and start with. I now have a real pair of 15lb clubs, what a difference. The short answer is that, no, clubbell lcubbell will not make you bulk up. Thanks for all the information you share.

That said, almost any goal that can be accomplished through strength training can also be accomplished with a clubbell. Scott is recognized worldwide as a pioneer, not merely of a new approach to fitness but of an entirely new approach to health and total well-being.

I ordered a pair of 15lbs to start with, and look forward to their arrival: Thanks for the thorough clubbelll, John. Thank you for supporting PhysicalLiving. I could not agree with you more. The homemade versions can be an affordable option, but there are some definite drawbacks as I noted in the review.


Please also note that I never said it will eliminate the risk of injury — just reduce it.

I enjoy the athletic challenge these tools require and offer. Unfortunately, I feel disappointed with the review of your product — I felt you concentrated too much on such insignificances such as the benefit of having rubber coating?

Jason February 21, Reply.

The Complete Clubbell Review | Physical Living

Used improperly, they can, in fact, be very dangerous. My wife is about your height and she has been able to use the 5, 10, and 15 lb clubbells without any problems.

Ordered through you, and sent you my receipt. Of course we all are different and some people want to start with CB at once or never. You probably noticed a common theme in the review videos: Might be worth looking into.

Macebells — The macebell excels in a handful of exercises, but they are too long for versatile use, and thus, have a very limited exercise selection. I have to admit — and I hate to sound insulting here, but I lost interest completely. They are all excellent tools for improving shoulder health, function, and strength — and you could go a long way with any one of them.


I frequently mentioned that the clubbell has a very broad application and can be used for a variety of purposes. He has also produced more than 50 videos on this modern evolution of ancient bodily wisdom.

The Big Book of Clubbell Training (PDF)

Your reviews and info on the clubbells blavk great, John — very much appreciated. If you do a Amazon search for his name those clubs come up and they use his name in the title description, but in the body fine print they do disclose the clubs are Apollo.

My Clubbell Flow Evolution Review http: Assuming the tether works as intended you are looking at potential shoulder, elbow, and wrist damage if the club goes flying. I have not used them ckubbell, but a few of my colleagues have recommended them. There are over different traditional clubbell exercises taught in the Encyclopedia of Clubbell Training. I can do many more exercises with the 35lb clubbell that I could barely hold onto when I got it a year ago.