Il volume presenta il C.C.N.L. per i lavoratori addetti alla piccola e media industria metalmeccanica ed alla installazione di impianti. Il contratto ha. On 20 January , the social partners in the metalworking sector signed the Union (Unione italiana lavoratori metalmeccanici, Uilm-Uil [4]). In July , the draft agreement for renewal of the national sectoral collective CCNL) for workers in the retail and services sectors was signed by the Federation of Metalworkers (Federazione Italiana Metalmeccanici.

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By emailing us at uk leftcom. On January 20,the National Collective [ Re-reading Marx in the Light of the Sub-prime Crisis. Nel difficile contesto economico, vissuto quotidianamente da gran parte dei cittadini italiani, e tra questi. This applies to newly recruited workers, or to those who change to part-time schedules, in enterprises with more than 30 employees.

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Tell us what you think. These provisions were strongly contested by one of the trade union confederations, which refused to sign the draft agreement.

For more from the Financial Times article see: Cristina Tajani, Ires Lombardia. During the hard economical context, that most Italian citizens are. It does not match my search. Metalworkers’ Union and co-author of the ‘Peace Treaty’ resolving.


Metalmeccanici piccola e media industria confapi () :

The rules on the multi-week work schedule will be extended to all companies in the industry. The draft agreement provides for the creation of a joint consultation body with the aim of devising a new job classification system by February You are here Home Article National collective agreement in metalworking industry renewed.

Thank you very much for your vote! Fatto salvo quanto previsto dalla contrattazione sindacale di livello nazionale [ I settori economici prevalenti sono l’industria leggera, [ Five Years since the Occupation of Iraq. CWO publications are not copy-righted and we only ask that those who reproduce them acknowledge the original source on our website www.

A breakthrough in industrial relations came inwith the signing of the so-called “peace accord” [ Organizza corsi FSE e di apprendistato [ Organizza corsi FSE e di apprendistato. Brief news Chinese crackdown on worker unrest. The most controversial issues concern: Personaggi simbolo di questo periodo furono il segretario dell’Unione svizzera dei contadini Ernst Laur oppure Konrad Ilg, che fu presidente del [ Such branches a s mechan ica l engineering, che micalwood-working [ Strike of shop workers in France.

Purchasing any of the publications listed on this site or in our various documents can be done in several ways:. This constituted a split in the previously unified stance of the three most representative trade union organisations in these sectors.


In the UK, Belgium and Germany a significant number of [ Background In Julythe draft agreement for renewal of the national sectoral collective agreement contratto collettivo nazionale di lavoroCCNL for workers in the retail and services sectors was signed by the General Confederation of Trade, Tourism, Services and SMEs Confederazione generale del commercio, del turismo, dei servizi delle professioni e delle PMIConfcommercioalong with two of the three largest sectoral trade unions: Reactions of social partners The employer organisation Confcommercio expressed its satisfaction with the agreement.

However, Sunday work is to be regulated by company-level bargaining.

Commentary It is evident from the social partner reactions to the draft agreement that metalmmeccanici between the metalworking trade unions and the employer organisations continues to be high, even after the bargaining for the new industry-wide agreement has ended. In order to restrict the repetitive use of fixed-term employment contracts, the draft agreement sets out a limit of a month time span to renew fixed-term employment relationships.

Inflation Returns to Centre Stage.