: Uncertain Destiny: A Pregnancy Romance eBook: Carole Mortimer : Kindle Store. Carole Mortimer is one of Mills & Boon’s best loved Modern Romance authors. With nearly books published and a career. Uncertain Destiny by Carole Mortimer released on Jul 03, is available now for purchase.

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This one is definitely on the required HP reading list. Home Series Modern Uncertain Destiny.

The book deals with really a very sad event, caole of not just one but two babies and suicide of the woman he loved. Anyhows, the h doesn’t push and the H admits that he doesn’t want to lose her love and hopes she doesn’t hate him cause he doesn’t want rugrats. Then the h learns the awful truth, the H wasn’t randomly sterile from a bad case of mumps – he deliberately went out of his way to get that way.

Overall book rating

If your parcel has not arrived after this time, contact customer services for help. Caroline is married to “lone wolf” Justin De Wolf after an intense “courtship”. We learned why Justin was afraid to give his heart away again.

Don’t ask me to choose between the two of you!

The h then tells him that he did not ever have a problem taking her love, but since he isn’t going to feel that way about her, she needs to go – babies don’t stick to their own sides of houses and she is not into migration. The Sicilian’s Ruthless Marriage Revenge. Then she gets pregnant and it changes desfiny whole dynamic of their relationship. The ending left me with a big fat smile!


This really was a good book! Every aspect of this book kept me riveted. I sympathized with both of them and I also hurt for them.

Uncertain Destiny by Carole Mortimer – FictionDB

The H is a cold, nasty bastard. If anything hero was rather tortured that she has completely taken over his past memories. He can’t handle all this pain, he is broken and he holds onto this secret that is also eating away at him. The mystery behind the hero’s behavior was one of the strong points of this book.

He lost it in a terrible pinkeye infection which morhimer fungal Give this one a go if you want a Romance, there is drama and angst, but it is so well done and so well plotted that you just can’t help but think this is one of those HP trips you will take again and again just to re-experience the happy glow of truly destined lovers all over again.

The h is shocked, she never even knew he was married before her. She is walking out of the room when the H tells her “Please don’t leave me”. The heroine accepts him the way he is because she loves him very much. This one wasn’t a difficult read but it was difficult when plot points and characters were wasted through out. A Night of Royal Consequences.


Reminiscing about lying in bed with his first wife and trying to feel their baby move in her stomach, laughing with destjny and how she called the baby their little cub. At the Duke’s Service. I liked the part where after a bout of morning sickness she ends up crying thinking Justin would be upset with the morning sickness ruining the perfect honeymoon he’d planned, but when he finds her in the bathroom in tearshe tells her “It’s nothing to cry about,” then proceeds to pamper her tucking her in bed and ordering for tea and toast.

Uncertain Destiny by Carole Mortimer

What she doesnt expect is his denial and anger about the paternity of the child, or the determination unxertain not have one! Destjny Regency Lovers 2. I mean, there are books where I enjoyed the second-chance-at-true-love thing, but I wasn’t happy about it here. Yet, no matter how cruel he comes across, he was actually a nice guy. Lists with This Book. The first books I’ve read and it got me hooked on these types of romance books.

He says he can’t let her go cause the friend who keeps stopping in is not a friend.