View and Download Calrec Artemis installation and technical manual online. Digital Broadcast Production Console. Artemis Music Mixer pdf manual download . Calrec Audio manufacture high quality production and live to air audio mixing consoles exclusively for broadcasters. Calrec offer the most comprehensive range. Run Waves plugins on your Calrec mixing consoles and enhance your live sound with Waves’ award-winning compressors, EQs, limiters, delays, and much .

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Clicking PATCH makes the cross point patch and routes audio from the selected input to the selected output.

A half-blue background indicates that the folder contains a mixture of ports that can and cannot be accessed. Layer locking is carried In the left hand button cell of the modes activation.

Synchronisation enter username and password on processing cores; i. Note, the navigation bar at the top of the window expands as folders are selected to show the folder path.

Calrec – Artemis Beam | Audinate

As with all Calrec products, audio quality and product reliability are our top concerns. DSP card fits in slot 7, to the power a fully populated core, two are immediate right of the secondary Control The Artemis Light router card has 8 SFP fitted to provide redundancy. Calrec recommends that Brown ‘straight-through’ or ‘pin-for-pin’ cables are used. If in doubt, please contact Calrec Audio Limited for guidance prior to integrating any third party equipment.

DO NOT edit any other data fields or the headers. Installation In many installations the AC power connectors will not be readily accessible, effectively making the equipment permanently connected. Note that the maximum dark mode timeout is 1 hour and cannot be disabled. Again the decimal value of 39 is used for the example. Note, up to 20 characters can be entered as port labels. Clicking the folder labels in the navigation bar takes the screen back to view those folders.


This information is provided for -3 -2 Note that H2O un-patches are not held in console hidden memory and so if the console is rebooted, or the user memory is reloaded, these patches will be re-made. In addition to connecting by IP address, the amount of change-over required in Please discuss your installation both the Calrec system and the 3rd party the event of a failure, both the primary requirements with your Calrec sales require configuring to use the same TCP socket port.

Alias Files Only ports inside the aliases that are at the same sample rate as the desk will work. The IC is fitted with 8 x mm throw faders. Select the destination list available input or output ports. Meters can also xrtemis configured to display external inputs directly rather than via a meter selector.

Please refer Clicking the Reset all to User 1 button will to the monitoring section for details on remove all user splits. Sfp Slot Covers SFPs should always have a dust cover fitted into their optical transceiver end when no fibre is connected to them.

This window has two tabs, the second of which is used for entering SW-P mapping data if required.

MIX – button to route the mix minus signal to the selected direct output. The Manage metadata page in H2O displays a list of the metadata sets available for selection. The latest version will be available upon request.

Calrec ARTEMIS Operator’s Manual

By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. A copy of this is available on request.

When separating two networks, one of the slaves needs to be changed back to a master. Any changes caalrec make will be reflected in subsequent issues of this document.

Our UK customer support team works closely with our global distributor network to provide the highest level of after sales support. If any routers are clocked by free running sync, or if they are derived from different sources, both network audio and communications will be compromised.


Ignore any labelling on the switch artejis and refer to the Calrec labelling printed on the circuit board around the switch to clarify its orientation. Danger of explosion if battery is incorrectly replaced.

Please refer to the Hydra2 installation manual for more detail on the SW-P protocol and connection. Denying access to an input or output port from a console will instantly stop audio passing between the console and the port upon confirming the change.

Caleec Port Isolation Conversely, and if appropriate, when a bus is isolated, all the destinations to which it is connected can also be isolated automatically. Airflow Depth excluding rear supports Calrec supply adjustable rear support rails If connecting two networks, one of the masters will zrtemis to be re-configured as a slave. The newly created Hydra Patchbays also become available to consoles. D0 for the primary DSP card; Operating Ambient Air Short Term: Patches can be added to the current salvo from the patching screen by clicking on the required source on the left and the required destination on the right or by click-dragging to select multiple sources and destinations then clicking ADD TO SALVO.

When connecting two or more routers together it is important that one of them, and only one, is configured to be the Master Router. Unchecking a folder or port denies access from that console. Changing access at folder level affects all the sub-folders and ports within that folder. Output Patching Shortcut 2. The layout shown on the ‘Surface 1’ tab relates to the main control surface,